What series are you into on Netflix?


just watched a series of unfortunate events season 3, think it was the best yet, felt more cinematic or something. The end episode was a bit rushed and think it is better in the books where the ending is more ambiguous. also don’t like how they spelt out what happened with the poison darts and sugar bowl etc, it was better when it was a possibility they had done bad things . Overall the series (1-3) was a bit weird in that you would thing the author, given the chance to revisit his original work that was clearly quite improvised, would improve on it, but most of the changes from the books tend to take away rather than add


anyone watched Out Of Thin Air? Tempted to watch it but reckon it’s gonna be a 6.8/10.


my bf is watching mindhunter and it sounds really horrible


just heard someone talking about Goffman (accurately) so the sociologist in me wants to watch this


Didn’t realise that Unfortunate Events was back, well excited to crack on with that.


Lots of plotholes indeed.

Also, were you not troubled that the show depicts a stalker who only wants good things for the object of his attention? Who isn’t actually controlling?

I’m watching it kind of aghast that more people aren’t questioning it’s motivation and the message it’s sending. This really isn’t how stalkers think.




What do you think the motivation of the show is?


Well, the obvious one is to make money. But thereafter I’m at a loss.

The decision to portray a stalker so bizarrely at a time like this seems amazing to me.


Yeah I was just wondering from the way you worded it (possibly I’ve misinterpreted it) but I don’t think the motivation is to sympathise with or be pro-stalker or whatever. At worst I think the storyline is a bit clumsy and at worst irresponsible. It would be really boring without all the murders and violence etc, it would just be about a guy being a creep on social media, trying to get a girl by being really manipulative which seems I’d say is probably very relatable to a lot of people.


I’d like to read the book to see how that comes across cos I feel as if the Netflix adaptation might be missing the mark a wee bit. I hate reading books of things I’ve already watched though, so probably won’t.


I’m glad you can see there’s some lack of responsibility on display. I’ve been starting to think that I’m way out on a limb.

They might not have intended it but I believe that in some ways it’s quite possible to sympathise with him. He’s really kind to the kid and in many ways he wants what’s best for Beck. The fact that he’s prepared to accept the break up paints him as a kind of stalker that has probably never existed.

Yes, he kills people but they’re kind of dreadful and I can see some people actually forgiving him those deeds because his motivations are perversely decent.

I’m keen for more people to watch this to see if they find it as weirdly out of step as I do.


Been watching a program about a Japanese lady going to peoples’ houses and tidying up


She’s wonderful.


Are you enjoying it?

Her book kind of changed my life (a bit).


It’s nice. I only watched one episode so far.

Can you expand on your second point? Genuinely interested in the whole mindfulness living with less philosophy


“thank you jumper for serving me”


I think the stuff about being able to sympathise with him, being nice to the kid etc. appearing quite normal is quite useful actually cos it shows that normal appearing guys can be quite odd and might make them rethink stalking people on social media and manipulating themselves into something else at the expense of others. They might justify doing that since they aren’t murdering people etc. but some might get a bit of a shake from it.

I don’t think it encourages that kind of behaviour at all though but who knows? Entertaining stuff usually involves some nasty shit.


What’s the name of it?


I’m saying thank you to a lot of clothes I’m too fat to fit in now tonight