What series are you into on Netflix?


The monster appears like 4 mins into the film and kills any kind of suspense dead immediately. At least hold out for an hour before the inevitable laughable CGI.


I think people just get excited for any Malkovich appearance, even if all he does is look bug-eyed and shouts a lot.


I’m watching the Innocents. As noted up thread. Very good stuff I thought.


I think a fictionalised drama set in the whole world of Murder Mountain could be really really great

Someone should do one


He was well annoying. I know he was supposed to be grumpy old man but I kept finding myself shouting FUCK OFF MALKOVICH



I know I’m late but I’m 5 episodes in to The Crown. Very good.


Started Mrs Maisel last night. First couple of episodes are excellent.

Had a real moment of relief when my GF mentioned her dad was Monk as it was bugging me where I recognised him from, but I never really watched the program, so it was only the trailers I’d seen.


was not a fan of bird box tbh.


Couldn’t be more excited.


He’s basically Dennis Reynolds


quite enjoyed bandersnatch


Binge watched the whole series of Sex Education yesterday. One of the best things I’ve seen in a while.
Laugh out loud funny, brilliant writing, some great performances.

It’s obviously a massive homage to John Hughes and looks like it’s set in an American high school, despite being in the UK. All sorts of JH references throughout.

A shout out for Ncuti Gatwa who plays Eric too. Outstanding performance, switching from comedy to heartbreak in the blink of an eye.

Bloody superb


which should I watch tomorrow:

  • the expanse
  • The thing with Sandra Bullock in a blindfold

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I’m actually reading ‘Leviathan Wakes’ at the moment, not sure whether to wait til I’ve read the whole series before I start the TV.

Apologies if there’s been a lot of chat about either of these two things: I can’t bring myself to wade through 1.3k posts.


A couple of reviews caught my eye so going to watch this I think! Though my flatmate claims it’s a spring show (??) so might have to wait a few months haha.

Also tried the first ep of You - voiceover veered between engaging and irritating and currently Beck is a paper thin character, though I know that’s partly by design probably. Easy to watch though so will keep going.


Yeah it’s really well put together, all the locations look quite American actually.
What I do like is the clothes/costume design. The “cool kids” in particular look amazing, like they should be in Clueless or Heathers.

I had to google it but I couldn’t work out who the mother was for the entire first episode, the accent threw me off!


Finished Unfortunate Events last night.

Bit of a cry, loved it a lot. Quite fancy watching whole thing again start to end tbqh.


I wouldn’t get too hung up on reading all the books before watching the show. They’re taking it quite slowly - the first series finishes about two thirds through LW, and by the end of the next they’re still only about halfway through the second book. It is ace though, best TV space opera in ages.


I’d been curious about this (a coming of age sorta thing done well is very very very good in my books, but also has the potential to be shiiiiite)


Watching ‘Instant Hotel’ with my GF. Absolute trash and it’s brilliant. @meowington, are you on this?