What series are you into on Netflix?


What genre or type of thing are you after?


We’ve watched Designated Survivor, Mr Robot, Shooter, American Horror Story, Homeland, Stranger Things, all the superhero ones… Cheers.


I watched Voyeur today. Doc about a hotel owner who spied on his customers for almost 50 years. It’s quite seedy but then isnt totally about what it seems to be. Not bad, not amazing.


I won’t start a new thread for stuff on Amazon Prime but anyone started watching Marvelous Mrs Maisel? Any good?


Godless is good so far


Anyone started ‘Dark’ yet?


Even Punisher?


just watching mad men for the rest of my existence cya x


Watched literally all of Mindhunter yesterday. Started Alias Grace today, liking it. Obviously everyone should watch The Punisher.


Rewatch or first time? (Sorry for stalking you across threads)


This is my second run-through, first where I can binge (watched at the time from season 2 onwards)


watching the good place, I like how one of the questions to assess whether someone is a bad person is ‘have you ever paid money to see the red hot chilli peppers’


It’s the show I most want to Rewatch for some reason. I think I loved all the other big dramas right away but MM took me some time to settle into. So want to go back and see what I missed.

Plus I need to see that Lane and Pete scene again…


Haha I re-watched that one a couple days ago and yes it’s still amazing


Godless is a 7 part western on Netflix

I fucking loved it - I need some of you lot to watch it and tell me it’s shit and full of plot holes and that I’m an idiot for liking it


It’s shit, full of plot holes and you’re an idiot for liking it

not seen it


I bloody love westerns! Will have to get on this.

Watching Boardwalk Empire at the moment. About halfway through the first series, and although it’s well acted and directed and that, I really don’t give a shit about a single character in it.


Yeah I had the same problem with BE, bailed pretty early on




have heard this is good. might make a start tonight.