What series are you into on Netflix?


Yeah, to be honest I can see myself doing the same. I want to like it, but it’s just really unengaging.


I like Easy.


giving up on godless bout 3 episodes deep. every episode is over an hour long and I find westerns hard work as it is. mindhunter was the best new series of this year, took a while to get going but when it ended I really wanted MORE. confession tapes current series I’m making my way through… episode 5 one where I felt most strongly so far that the accused were innocent.


Yeah easy is good - binged the 2nd series on Sunday

Can’t stand the brewing brothers though


About 4 or 5 episodes into The Sinner. Took a while to get into but fuck me it’s getting gritty.


I’m going to start in it soon. Hoping it’ll fill a bit of the Deadwood shaped hole in my heart.


Still watching the good place wasnt expecting a twist, quite liked it but season 2 seems to be taking awhile to settle into a new premise, can’t really see how it’s going to work


Is anyone watching Dark? I’m about 1/2 way through. It’s really good so far, it was sort of pitched in the us media as a German stranger things. Not really getting that vibe tbh.


I’ve watched the whole of Dark. It had its ups and downs like all series. Not typing any spoilers. It was a bit vague and didn’t know what it really wanted to be. The final scene, giving an indication of what the next series would be like, was shit. I’ll give it 7/10. I won’t watch the next though.


I’m obsessed with Continuum in a way which is very rare for me with a TV show. It’s nominally a sci-fi show about time-travel, but has a very strong emotional core and a delightful number of wheels within wheels in terms of multiple factions working against each other to shape the future.


Very much enjoyed the Unabomber series even if it was a bit gritty cop in places. Absolutely smashed the whole thing in two sittings.

Although wasnt keen on the Ted episode, was quite jarring.


It’s not much like Stranger Things other than having children going missing in a middle of nowhere town. I enjoyed it, but thought the characters could’ve been a bit more interesting.


I started Confession Tapes over Christmas and the first case was one of the most unsettling things I’ve ever watched, I really don’t understand how anyone can believe they’re innocent.


The Errol Morris thing. Seems so good so far.


Ooh what’s this?


What’s the new Star Trek like /is it good


it is very watchable, but not very good


About a scientist working with the government found dead in those MKULTRA test things.
Formally it seems like a return to the thin blue line, but turned up tothemax - Lots of acted parts.
The interviews seem shot like they’re the reenactment parts too so thats interesting.

Only seen one episode so far though.


I do like that it changes the set up a bit, the captain isn’t the obvious hero, the main character they’ve tried to do something interesting with (trying to describe without spoiling), can’t quite tell yet if they are going to do anything interesting with that or do the voyager thing of just throw away the potential tensions they set up.

Think the central technology that is core to the series is really stupid, I know it doesn’t have to make sense, but it is one thing to resolve an episode with some made up tech, to base the whole series on it is another. Also don’t like that it is trying to be a bit edgier, swearing and klingon sex scenes, just doesn’t seem very star trek. It is a shame, Bryan Fuller tends to be really good (rewatching pushing daisies at the moment, hidden gem of a show)


Once you get past how odd the Klingons look (I think they’re great now) and if you like Michael Burnham as a character Star Trek Disco is very enjoyable indeed.