What series are you into on Netflix?


oh nice, all over that. love me some errol.


My mum loves Anne of Green Gables, so we binged “Anne with an E” over the last few days. It is really very nice telly.


Yikes! Oh well… I’ll finish the rest, hopefully I’ll be ready to be a little underwhelmed :slight_smile:


Let me know what you make of it when you’ve finished.


Oh my. Well, I was really enjoying it up until I bet you can guess exactly when.


Actually, although the ending was jarring, I still enjoyed the journey. I thought the sound track, acting etc was superb. The casting was excellent.


Black Mirror S4 was due to land an hour ago.

Hope all is well with it as that’ll be my weekend viewing sorted.

Also want to have a look at Dark.


Loving The Good Place. Binged the first 10 episodes yesterday, it’s so forking wonderful.

Also watched all of Dark which was pretty compelling and enjoyable. A bit too similar to the Kettering Incident imo and that had Elizabeth Debicki in so was automatically 1000 times better than anything without Elizabeth Debicki in.

Also finished The Sinner. Also really compelling but ultimately a bit unsatisfying. Jessica Biel was great though.


The eagle (Black Mirror S4) has landed (is now available on that Netflix).



Have you watched any more of this?

Sounds right up my street, think I will get on it this weekend.


The cliffhanger at the end of episode 6 of Search Party has just made me think about maybe giving it one more episode, but hating all the characters makes it such hard work to watch.


Finished it. Enjoyable and didn’t think there were any particularly weak episodes this time. Was worried about the anthology one when I realised that was what it was going to be, but there was actually a decent through line to it. Hopefully Netflix fund and Charlie Brooker agrees to a 5th season.


I just watched the first one. It’s brilliant and quite hard to follow in a way which makes you feel immersed in it which is awesome


Yeah just watched it and agree with you. It’s lovely to bask in something so assured of itself that it doesn’t need to spell everything out.


Got into Peaky Blinders, 3 episodes in - good stuff. Find it hilarious that 15Peter20 is in it as well :smiley:


Ended up watching three of them last night, think it broke my brain. V good though!


Just watched the first episode of Mindhunter.

Doesn’t seem to be as far up its own arse as many of these drama series where I tend to take an instant dislike to the main characters. Definitely going to give it a little more time and see where it goes.

Also, two episodes into Dark. Nice to finally find a decent German language series. Looking forward to seeing how the plot spins out.


Mid way through the 2nd series of Fargo. I quite like it, strong visuals, interesting plots, good acting, etc. Not enjoying S2 as much as S1 (possibly because I liked Molly so much) but still very enjoyable.


Watching the new series of Lovesick now. I’m more invested in the characters than anything at this point I think. It’s decent.


can someone watch the frozen dead and say if its any good