What series are you into on Netflix?


The first episode of S2 - police escort hijack and woman being thrown out of a hospital window - is fucking incredible.

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Yeah! The latter thing made me audibly gasp



there’s a look on her face just before it happens and it shook me.


I thought the same after reading all the hype about Line of Duty. The first series was just ok.
But I’m also halfway through series 2 and utterly hooked. I’ve just had to Do Not Disturb my computer to finish watching a lunchtime episode :wink:

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I watched this on my own and property laughed at those bits so I said to my bf lets watch the next episode together and it was quite weird and unfunny and he was just like “what” and I had to be all like “the last one was funnier!!!”


Currently also watching a lunchtime episode, s02e04.


S02e04 - how is Steve banging all these ladies? He’s a little dweeb?


Caning through Luther at the minute, so good. Glad we finally went in.


Just noticed that Glenn Morgan has written some episodes of the new Twilight Zone and now I’m even more annoyed nobody has (apparently) picked it up for UK broadcast yet.


I didn’t find Russian Doll mind blowing like some people did but I do love Natasha Lyonne


I kept falling asleep during it and it was a fucking nightmare trying to work out what bit I had watched up to.

Funny when she kept falling down the stairs tho.


cool, it was pretty good


As long as Elfo stays fucking gone.


Incel-o wil return I fear, sorry! Maybe they can take some lessons off Brooklyn Nine Nine and fix up the character like that show did with Boyle after season 1


Boyle has never been anything other than hateful

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The third and apparently final series of Easy is now streaming (@Witches) !!

Watched the first episode earlier. It was in equal parts enjoyable and excruciating! Can’t wait to get through the rest of the series. Love this show so bloody much! Anyone else watching?


I love Tuca & Bertie so much


I like Speckle

Shame the bad guy is a penguin though, they’re the best birds!

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can’t stop thinking about the sex bugs