What sets your insides a-stirring?


I had a gloriously cheap lamb kofta wrap from the Lebanese place down the road, which has a hygiene rating of 2* (!), and it isn’t sitting pretty.

Are there any particular foodstuffs that meddle with your guts?

Anything that contains lactose


generally got a pretty iron clad stomach

though i have found that mince in a slow cooker does not go well the next day. no idea why. keep making it though because slow cooker chili is tasty.

Pigeon for some reason. I’ve only had it twice and I enjoyed eating it but on both occasions a few hours later my guts were doing the mambo and I was as sick as a dog.

I have crohn’s disease, so basically everything.

Worst things are high in cellulose and/or fibre so uncooked things like apple (particularly skins), sweetcorn, onion, peppers, anything too spicy (:cry:), broccoli etc.

MSG-heavy chinese takeaway. Just about enjoyable enough to make the following day worthwhile on a once-every-couple-of-months basis, though

I know somewhere for you, pal.

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What is MSG?

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Spice. Just spice.

or possibly

Lactose and (red) peppers.

fish & chips. just the insanely high levels of grease i guess.

Just slips right through like a child at a water park


There’s a place we go to for a curry that is absolutely spot on. Would eat there every night happily.

Always seem to wake up with a slightly dodgy belly the next morning though.

When I was at uni, there was a place around the corner that did amazing kebabs and they had this really hot chili sauce. Was always like shitting lava the next day though.

yeah there’s a really good chinese we go to much more often that sits fine with me but sometimes you need that sickly sweet/salty MSG hit, and resultant sweats and gut-ache

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stick the bog roll in the fridge and fill your boots

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Chicken Specials from the Kashmir in Bradford. They were delicious and only £3.50 (in 1996) but my god your arse the next morning :astonished:

Yeah, I like a bit of MSG. Have you ever tried it on its own? It’s crazy - dab some on your tongue and you start drooling like a dog.

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Make it with cubes of chuck steak instead if you’re in the slow cooker chili game.

Trust me you will thank me for this.