What shall I do with my poor guitar?


The strap of my guitar bag broke on Sunday and my guitar fell onto the pavement resulting in the damage below:

The guitar is a Takamine Santa Fe. I bought it for just under £500 about 11 years ago, but a new Takamine would set me back £800ish I think.

I’ve taped it up for now and fortunately the tone / action / electronics aren’t affected. It just looks knackered now.

What should I do?

  • Just repair it yourself. A battered guitar looks cool
  • Go and get it re-topped
  • Treat yourself to a new guitar
  • Claim off your contents insurance- good luck with that!

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Jeff Jarrett someone with it


You weren’t walking down the street with this just hanging round your neck were you?

Like no case or anything?

  • If you were you desreve it (hipster twat)
  • If you weren’t then fair enough accidents happen
  • Any other business

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No, it was in a soft case. I was taking it off to put it in the boot of our car and the strap gave way, and just didn’t manage to catch it in time.


Hate life sometimes.

I stood my classical against a wall in my flat (wooden floors)

Walked away and saw it in the corner of my eye starting to fall.

Went to grab it but it hit the floor and the neck snapped off.

Bad times


It’s a solid top, I think. The top is made of a single piece of wood but it’s just cracked and come apart. There’s no noticeable buzz or difference in sound.

My gut feeling is to do both of the two popular options: repair it to the best of my ability (shouldn’t be too difficult to affix the broken panel) and then maybe save up for a new one further down the line. It’s a lovely sounding guitar and I’d be loathe to get rid of it entirely.


Same thing happened to an Epiphone Les Paul of mine a while back. It never really recovered tbh :frowning2: