What shoes are you wearing?

brown earthkeepers


V inspiring thread

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How’s the bit directly above your big toes atm

Very good but they are new as my original pair got fucked almost instantly (they were the ones with the old detachable sole) so they sent me these gratis but I still continued to wear the old ones for a year.

My wife’s got fucked in the toe and this year she returned to the ol’ Camper Wabis.

I would have trained that person, I’m glad they carried on my legacy of giving away stuff (those ones were permafucked btw, absolute shithouse designing)

This was just over a year ago. Maybe it was you?

Depends, it could have been! Was it before we went broke, because I joined after
Actually all things considered it probably was me

Still hoping and praying for a post from Hermano. The trap is still set…

Unfortunately it was before.

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how many shoes do people predict they’ll be wearing this weekend? I think i’ll stick to the one pair but i’m open to changing if needs be.

Timbs (not an original 6 inch edition wanker)

Two - the ones I’m currently wearing up ^there, but will probably switch to my chunky Vans for Saturday and Sunday…


i need some heavy duty boots, people don’t take me seriously when the weather turns bad

any of you who own like 5 pairs of boots wanna sell me one?


Those are bloody beautiful.

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At least two. I’ll be wearing these when I do ParkRun:

And I’ll probably be wearing these for much of the rest of the weekend:


Just so you know, I’m off out so I’ve taken my slippers off and put some Blundstine boots on