What should DiS use its social accounts for?

Hi all

Been getting some “interesting” kickback to some of what DiS does on its social accounts.

Link posts tend to sink like a stone. Conversation starters do well but obviously most of you are on here so it’s not really a community.

Doing social media all day every day for 6 Music and I have a fair idea of things we could do but would be really curious what you all feel DiS’ accounts could do more of or less of or things we should try. We’re pretty limited in terms of photography and video, which creates a bit of a challenge.

Be curious which social accounts you all enjoy following and why.

Sorry if this seems like a crap corporate survey.

The accounts are:

Only really follow “corporate” (for want of a better word) twitter accounts for seeing links to new content.

Conversation-starters should be kept to personal accounts.

Also lets you avoid stuff like that Hookworms tweet.

The thing about links is that less than 1% of people who see a tweet click on a link. Only about 5-10% of followers see a tweet (it rises a little if there are lots of replies or engagement has been really high for a few days)

No one has admitted to doing the Hookworms tweet.

Be curious if everyone else feels that brands like DiS shouldn’t start conversations on social media.

The only account I can really think it working for is Gold Flake Paint, but mainly cos that’s always clearly been one person’s thing, and it feels like a personal account as a result, ifgwim

But also happy to admit that I’m usually on the out with these things.

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Quite like it when DiS twitter acts as an amplifier for decent little music tweets. Obvs have my selfish reasons for that :wink: but it’s nice that you can easily expand the reach of a tweet like Thomas Ragsdale’s about promoting music the other day.


be really sassy like whoever does the twitter for wendy’s hamburgers

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Fewer memes

memes for some, miniature radiohead articles for others


Yeah, I feel like amplifying things is what we should be doing a lot more of.

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More references to the Mighty Mighty Bosstones


housemate’s brother is visiting atm and is the spit of the frontman from the MMBs. might try and snap a photo.


We’re rethinking a lot of things at the moment.

Like, would some of our event coverage make sense as a rolling social thread for those who want to follow along.

Should we run short reviews of big albums just on social platforms for people to react to / agree with. Do we even need longer reviews of everything?

Should there be fewer voices in DIS editorial?

Should we focus more on promoting the best forum posts as a way to give people a glimpse / reminder what a great community there is here? Might help a few lurkers join in a bit more?

What if they were just Future of the Left related memes?


Could I just be evil?


change your username to Drowned in Sound #FBPE for much better #numbers


I’d quietly enjoy them while still being quite grumpy about memes generally.


The preview images on tweets linking to the boards always tickle me (in this case it’s @anon5266188’s avatar):

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