What should epimer do with his finances, hive mind?

You’re welcome, pal.

Personally, I need to have a good think about how much to be overpaying the mortgage by. I know that servicing the enormous debt hanging over us makes way more sense than squirreling money away into savings accounts, particularly when we’re particularly vulnerable to any Brexit-related interest rate hikes/property price shenanigans… but psychologically I’ve gotten quite used to having a big savings buffer in case Things Occur.

When you make the Tory monopoly board, could you please Photoshop my face into the water utilities space?

Had big plans to overpay, Biiiggggg plans.
Not done so yet and if I’m not spending on the old credit card, I would rather just top up the savings/losemyjobohgodsafetynet

Just reduce the term/increase payments each time yr mortgage deal is up (but obv only to a level you can maintain). Stick the rest in savings.

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Someone’s just put the financial advice industry out of business!


My name is martyn Lewis and you owe me £5

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My tactics

Existing savings - leave in incredibly low interest account to be devastated by inflation.
Anything extra - smash into overpayments*

*haven’t been able to do this for a while what with repairs, xmas, having to buy shit. And now another baby… aaarrrggghhhh!

I thought those were free, but I might have misunderstood the mechanics of it all.


I have a number of exciting investment opportunities he might be interested in. In fact they’re all such guaranteed winners he should just paypal me a huge sum of money now and save us both some time.

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Congratulations! :champagne:


Oh actually I’ve got a question: I’ve been doing all my monthly spending on my credit card for a few years and paying off the balance by direct debit every month. I was trying to get my credit rating up for mortgage assessments.

Now that I’ve got the mortgage, can I stop doing that and go back to spending on my debit card instead, with a few purchases a month on the credit card so they don’t take it away from me again?

This is the thing - overpayments make the most sense of course, but life/rampant consumerism gets in the way. Which is why making sure im already paying as much as i can through regular payments is the best way to get the house paid off quicker.

Envious of people with the necessary financial diacipline.

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I have around 3 tonnes of baby clothes dotted around my house that you are welcome to collect on your next trip to Moors Valley

why do you want to spend on the debit? Credit has you covered.
I don’t like how my credit balance is always lurking around tbh, in the background, watching me

Thank you but we still have so much of that shite dotted around and people trying to give us theirs.

However I will accept a pristine Uppababy Vista, Baby Bjorn bouncer chair and Jumperoo delivered to my house.

Because I find it harder to keep track of how much money I’ve got left over at the end of the month/on payday when there’s a certain amount that’s locked up on the credit card. Cba with a spreadsheet to figure it out.

The reasoning being it’s that excess that I want to use for the mortgage overpayments.

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Would you be interested in sponsoring a baby? For a mere £250 a month I will send you one photo a month and a promise that you will never have to meet them.



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Only if the baby has to wear a jumpsuit with things like “EPIMER” and “ANDROID: NETRUNNER” logos all over it at all times.

have a jumperoo sat on the top of the dining room table, has been there for months and irks me so, so much. Alas, it is the neighbours opposite. Wife keeps saying she will return it, and every day, it’s still.fucking.there!!1