What should I cook for lunch?


I’m off work today and it’s the TVs first morning at her new job. Want to cook:

  • something healthy
  • something tasty
  • something relatively quick that doesn’t need loads of ingredients for two
  • something a bit different

Any suggestions?


Grilled vegetables on quinoa



Maybe not that different but:


You’ll need to get your skates on though as the chicken needs an hour or so to marinate.


sounds good! will give this a go


The shirazi salad is really, really tasty. Definitely worth standing there for 20 minutes* dicing onion and tomato and cucumber into tiny chunks.

*or less if you actually have knife skills, which I don’t


my knife skills are on point!

salad made, and chicken all prepped for grilling, smells amazing and I’m in to that sumac stuff, not used it before but tastes great. cheers, think i’ll get some brownie points for this!


Ah, sumac is bloody lovely! I’m pleased.