What should I eat tonight?


I’m celebrating my new contract tonight. Wor Lass has gone to Edinburgh until tomorrow, so I’m celebrating by marking up to ten exam papers, watching England draw against Tunisia and drinking some wine all by myself.

What should I eat? I would like to obey the results of a poll but don’t want to influence any of the freethinkers by giving them limited options.

I’ll be driving past two Morrisons stores, an M&S Food and an Aldi on my way home, and have access to a JustEat account.


M&S Dine In for 2 for 1?


Thai. Always Thai.

But bear in mind that some twats are playing in the men’s World Cup tonight and takeaway times will likely be an absolute joke.


An absolute curry fuckhouse


Has the burger thread not influenced you enough? You could try M&S best ever burger that they’ve been advertising. It’s got ducking bone marrow in it.


That’s too many animals in one burger.


I did think about a burger, but I had a bacon and black pudding muffin at 11.00 and I’m not entirely sure I need more meat in bread.


This is a strong contender.

I’m going to start using fuckhouse more often. It’s a good word.


Ive been craving sushi recently so that… with gyozas obvs.


i’m going to try cooking some salmon. don’t like cooked salmon but will try and rectify this by cooking it really well.

hmm :fish:


Half Tunisian shakshouka, half English dunno


What’re you doing with it japes-o? Pan fried? Steamed?


pan fried, with some lemon and asparagus


try some sprinkling some baked Kale on top of that :drooling_face::man_cook:


My girl, my girl, don’t lie to me, tell me what should I eat tonight


I’ve just ordered a big ole Indian takeaway so that would be my top tip


I’m having salmon tonight :+1:


I’m having either pasta or scrambled egg

Probably scrambled egg but I gotta clean the pan ergh


Saw your profile pic and was expecting ‘poké’ :grinning:


Half rice* half chips?

*dunno what goes into a shakshouka - is it beans on toast with baked eggs?