What should record labels be posting on social media?

Saw this grimness and it got me thinking about what you really want from record labels online.

I follow LOADS of labels, and whilst I quite enjoy the Secretly Canadian, Ghostly and various other labels who take the ‘meme’ approach, whilst others (often with very big followings but low engagement) just post what’s out and reshare posts from their artist accounts.

Feels like labels like Italians Do It Better and Sacred Bones used to post lots of art and often created things just for social channels, but that’s stopped cutting through as much.

Mostly thinking about what I might do if I bring back the DiS label as I keep hearing really great things I want to help find a way into the world, so been looking up what labels are doing but feels so disconnected from the art, and mostly after thoughts about commerce, which isn’t very interesting.

Just feels odd that labels have so much access to a really interesting selection of artists and their social media feeds are basically ads…

Solid shitposting is the only way


Some labels are really great at it… but some of it comes across a bit like they’re at war with their artists…

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Looks like a midlife crisis that Nervous Records stuff.

Probably just pertinent info on acts releasing stuff and tours etc
Theres too much noise on social media already without making every account into a meme generator.


Tour dates and release dates.



Yet if you don’t do that, then you get almost no engagement at all and deprioritised by the algorithm.

I’m talking about what’s best for the labels to get engagement, not what’s best for people who are sick of bad bants.

Scantily clad women


I can only speak from my point of view but when a few labels have descened into this multiple times a day - I just unfollow.
Pure shit banter tbh.


Probably an Onlyfans :man_shrugging:

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Is this the new Bandcamp? But for the fans only?


Meme posting from corporate accounts is really hard to do well and too often just ends up being “how do you do, fellow kids”

I can’t say I follow too many labels these days but just tell me about what you’re doing and (maybe moreso if you’re a smaller label) just try and have a bit of personality about it. Alcopop are good for that, it’s useful and informative but also clearly a person.


Those pictures you get on Facebook where it’s a triangle with loads of smaller triangles in it and people have to guess how many triangles there are in total in the comments.


It’s interesting because that’s what most labels do. The problem is, information isn’t very engaging. I often finding that “knowledge” does a lot better than information. Geeky facts about venues. Or fun engaging things like competitions if people can guess how many miles the tour touring will be. Highlights from previous tours. Artists telling the story of the release, track by track guides, explaining the artwork, doing liner notes sort of content as voice overs to videos of the packaging or chatting to camera…

Also, labels technically have very little involved in live, but still promote it for the artists.

It’s a shame algorithms don’t know that this is what people want when they follow certain accounts.

Does anyone turn on alerts to ensure they get this sort of info or just hope it pops up in your feed?

Grim, innit?

Wonder to what extent this sort of thing sets norms of what’s acceptable to others? Feels so distant from any world that I’m in.

Then again, stuff like this is often “normal” in some circles

Maybe people dont want to be ‘engaged’.
Maybe we just literally want to know if/when an album is out, and get the odd promotion/music video.


There is literally no circle in which honouring a dead monarch with a puppet of Mary Poppins suspended from a bus suspended from a crane is normal.

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If a tree falls… and the algorithm thinks no one cares… does it reach your feed?

Sadly the attention economy means information you’re interested in needs other people to engage with it for a chance that it’s one of the hundreds of potential posts your timeline surfaces.