What should record labels be posting on social media?

They should be sending out the postcards (Alveston Place, Leamington Spa) they used to, forget social media.



If I like a band enough to follow thei twitter, their insta, their labels twitter, their labels insta and signed up to news letters and music outlets and read DiS etc which Im checking every day or so

and DON’T hear about a new release despite a few weeks of pre-release publicity they have fucked up.
And thats not because they haven’t ‘engaged’ me with ‘fun’ contests but because they havent actually published the key info at all or at intervals.


personally i like to feel that it is the label owner/someone clearly invested in the label doing posts so the love comes through. stick to releases/tours and relevant information. Share stuff from other labels/acts which they are also passionate about but in an engaged way - not just re-sharing but commenting on it also.

I guess ultimately my first point is the key one - whatever you’re doing do it with freedom and how you want to do it. The passion for the actual music/artists comes through then and makes it much more likely i’ll engage.

Either that or boobies and willies i guess


Nothing for the next year but solemn pictures of the Queen :rage::uk:


“It doesn’t matter if you’re British… Irish…”

Oh mate

I follow loads of artists and labels and don’t see hardly anything about new releases in my feed.

From artists I work with, a successful un-promoted post will reach at best 20% of audience. Sometimes a one off post will reach a wider audience (especially on twitter and TikTok) but promotional posts about new releases will reach at best 10% of followers (if the posts before it have performed well) and about 5% at worse.

It’s so hard to cut through with informational posts, sadly. I sent 4 years trying to get them to work at the BBC and even the really engaged 6 Music audience aren’t going to see things unless there’s a decent amount of replies or likes or shares or video views (ideally all 4).

Just to be clear, the air quotes were meant to denote sarcasm

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Postage? In this economy?!

(I really like the idea of sending out postcards for each release)

I could understand saying things like this for Facebook, where there’s no way to see every post in chronological order (which is one of the reasons for it becoming a dead platform for anyone under the age of 50), but it’s not hard to set up your twitter feed or lists to be in purely chronological order.

Scheduling informative tweets to be posted at regular intervals and at certain times of the day means that people who follow you will see them, and note them, even if they don’t click through, or it doesn’t register as an engagement.

It’s not hard but very few people do it. Most don’t know lists exist. Plus a lot audiences shifted from Twitter to Insta to TikTok.

I tried to get fanbases of musicians to turn on notifications and things like that but you get like 5 people do it, from 1000s of fans.

Yeah, but that’s because notifications are actively annoying.

See first on Facebook and favourites on Insta aren’t really annoying.

Saucy postcards!

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I don’t understand what you’re saying.

Notifications from people favouriting posts, or tagging you in aren’t annoying. But notifications popping up because a company has paid for them to do so, are actively annoying.


Very big fan of threads where people ask “what should I be doing about x” and then tells all the attempts at helpful responses that they’re wrong.

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edit: gifs a lot longer than i thought, pretty good tho

Bit of a weird translation. It’s the bits beyond the information I’m curious about but maybe that’s because I love record labels and am curious to learn more about the people and process

More curation and ‘world-building’. Warp during lockdown started sending out newsletters on what they were watching, reading and listening to which was cool and opened up new things for me.