What should we have for breakfast


Yo mate
What’s to be had for breakfast
Not making a poll
I might have some form of breakfast roll
If anyone is interested I’ll post a photo
Up the DiS


I’ll be having a bowl of Shreddies.


Shreddies give you energy
Shreddies keep you fit
Wake up every morning
And eat a bowl of Sh-REDDIES!


I’d like toast
But got no bread.
Probably own brand ASDA Weetabix




I’m having a couple of rounds of toast. i.e. 2 pieces


Toast with marmite.coffee.




Cornflakes, followed by a round of toast and jam and a mug of tea.


Had Co-op fruit and fibre with almond milk, had to rush it a bit to make my train.


Updated to Tesco Shreddies and coffee.


It’s granola and yoghurt for me, Clive. Might have cup of tea number two alongside.

UPDATE: No milk, what is life?




Poached egg on sourdough bread and a mug of tea for me… Geoff?

Hello everyone! You’re all such a great bunch of begonias.


Had porridge. It was OK.


Does anyone here have a teasmaid?? I really want one. Imagine!


Regular weekday breakfast:

  • I don’t have time to cook anything for breakfast apart from toast.
  • Either I live in some kind of alternate dimension or I get up at ridiculous o’clock.
  • Obligatory Tory option.

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A couple of rounds of toast. i.e. 4 pieces


Was very close to buying one on ebay once but decided I should just not be lazy/impatient.

Is this the day thread too?


Porridge pre-run, waffles and eggs post-run.