What skills would you like to learn?

We could have a dis skill exchange
I wanna learn how to be good at instagram stories but sadly have nothing to teach

I’d like to be better at music, as in understanding any of the theory and shit


what do you wanna know/what’s your aim?

have no idea how you add multiple stories to your story or how to add music.

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I’m not really sure. Like I like the music I make, but I’m acutely aware that I do a lot of muddling about to get there. I’m in that position of being wary of knowing too much and reducing loads of the creative experimentation but of thinking it’d be good to be able to do more complex things

I can do the music one.

You swipe over to ‘Music’

Would love to be able to do a backflip.

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I want to make music and youtube videos but my laptop is rubbish. i will do eventually though.

also i’d like to teach the world to drive


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I wanna make music too but can never decide what to start with
Something that isn’t so overwhelming that I give up straight away

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Once gave this answer in an interview. Think they wanted something more career based, didn’t get the job. :muscle::smile:


I got a wee midi keyboard and was all ready to start jamming, but my laptop can’t even cope with AQOS half the time

maybe we should jam together sometime, we could be the new Boards of Canada

my wonderful friend sent a video of her doing a headstand this morning, she’s been trying for ages. sometimes I wonder if I’ll ever do a headstand.

That would be a dream come true for me

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To kill with my mind. Will exchange for expertise in parallel parking.

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Would love to sew, enjoy seeing @froglet and @meowington handmade clothing but alas my fingers are stiff and painful so it seems quite difficult. Would love to learn to drive if u ever do london lessons @AQOS. So sick of being stuck now public transport is off the cards. Have lost a lot of independence. Could teach ig stories but I don’t know how to link posts


I have managed a headstand in yoga classes, not very well though. I could probably tell someone else how to do one though


I think you’d fill a good niche of driving instructor, you could be for people that don’t want Laddy Blokeman or a VAR Malcolm teaching them

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Hold down on your lil circle for a few secs and a pop-up menu appears, select ‘Add to story’

I only recently learned a) how to read long text stories (hold down on the story) and b) how to read the posts that people link to in their stories. still basically never do it mind you.

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I’d quite like to be able to speak another language.

I’m getting to the point where I’d maybe like to play a musical instrument. Piano and/or guitar, perhaps.