What skills would you like to learn?

I want to learn woodwork/carpentry/joinery

really seriously

how do I do this?

Rally driving

FE college evening class

caring about life

Oh and that going up the stairs tiktok thing.

a baller like you should really have a car that does this for you

this is my top one - currently doing German on Duolingo and it’s reasonably fun but I’m in a bit of a lull with it, doing the bare minimum to keep my streak going at the moment. under no illusions that I will actually fully learn a language via Duolingo alone btw, but figure it’s as good a first step as any

would also like to not be total shit at the guitar but that isn’t ever going to happen so :man_shrugging:

learning to drive would be neat too

I’d like to learn how to be more assertive and also Spanish perhaps.

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Thats learn Spanish by the way, not learn to be more Spanish

It made it sound like a verb: “to Spanish”

Example: “On my way to the shops I had to Spanish, otherwise I’d have got a fine.”

whats the difference

I do as it happens but it doesn’t get you absolutely tight to the kerb.

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I’d like to learn just enough coding skills to make my script/program idea to automate half my job and not tell anyone.

I’d also like to get a lot better at programming drums, or finger drumming, but probably programming them because that feels like it would require much less in the way of disciplined practice.

Also flight



Yeah, my mate has been doing it for two years and he’s very cool and he’s got too many clients now. So he’s offered to train me up, might well go for it. I was definitely looking for something other than a Blokeman/Malcolm when I learned :+1:t2:

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Good question tbf

I’ll see what I can find. would be amazing. I wanna do it and get really good.

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Going to nominate @profk to help me with my backhand.

In return I’ll teach him getting back from the bar with 5 pints in one trip (plus up to 3 bags of bar snacks)

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would like to learn if it’s possible for an ordinary human to make a pizza

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reckon if you could make a pizza you’d just be happy every day for life

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