What soaps have/would you use/d for jobs other than their intended function?



I use shampoo as shower gel most of the time. I wash my hair and then realise I’ve got loads of it still knocking about so just lather on down. Used a bar of soap to wash my hair loads of times too.

I’ve used very cheap washing up liquid to wash hair and body before. Not recommended.

Pretty sure I’ve used hand soap to do the washing up. Fine as long as you rinse as you go.

I use bathroom/kitchen/surface cleaner all interchangeably obviously. If there’'s a difference I have no idea what it is.

Think I might have put Ecover washing up liquid in the washing machine once.


Pretty much use them for purpose


I’ve used soap to dry up spots before.


Oh yeah i’ve also used soap as shaving foam plenty of times


Yeah I’ve done that.




Used to make pendant necklaces using the labels from bars of Imperial Leather once they had worn down sufficiently.


Used shower gel to wash clothes in the shower before.




Reckon fairy liquid as hand soap is as far as I’ve gone before pal.


Washing up liquid as hand soap is a fairly common one, I reckon.

I’ve used bath stuff in lieu of shower gel on occasions when I’ve not realised the shower gel has run out until I’m already wet.


Washing up liquid + water to help seat tubless tyres

it’s a bikewanker thing


Soap as shaving cream for upstairs and downstairs shaving.


In the words of Saps: fuck off, mate.


Alright Johnny Two Bathrooms aka The Queen


I only have a bathroom downstairs in my rented abode.

I was referring to my anatomy not my dwelling.


I used bubble bath as shower gel for about 2 months. Thought I’d absolutely stolen a deal when I got a massive thing of Sanex shower gel for 1.50. no, turned out it was bubble bath. and you know what, I’m still alive.


gotta take issue with a thread about soaps being an anecdote about shampoo


Whys that kiddo?


does it count as a soap? I’m not sure it does , might have to wander down Superdrug