What song does Radiohead's Planet Telex sound like?

It came on last night and I realised that it’s always reminded me of a song but I’ve never put my finger on what it is, probably some 80s middle of the road rock song.

How soon is now?

Interesting question, but do you have any ideas what Radiohead’s Planet Telex is reminding me of?


I don’t think it’s How soon is now, although I see what you mean with the delay and the pace of the song.

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the start is kind of like that really bad U2 one isn’t it?

I hear some Live and Let Die in there


think they ripped off that muse one


Got a lot of love for Planet Telex.

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The start always makes me think of the start of Led Zeppelin’s Kashmir

So maybe it’s that

Planet Teletext.

It predates DIS and the Internet.

The little piano riff bit is identical, note for note, to ‘Regeneration’ by The Divine Comedy. Both songs produced by Nigel Goodrich too.

isn’t that a guitar?

It is. It’s also not note-for-note. But I see the point.

Very similar.