What song gets stuck in your head the most

This gets in my head once a day and has done for like the last 9 months

Not a song but 100% this

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Aim of this thread is to get someone else to share your pain

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All of the awful TikTok songs - the oh no one, the doobadoobadoo one, and that new one that sounds like a crying muppet. Hate them so much and I have no idea why people feel compelled to use them.

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Banger tbh


My mum would walk around the house singing DJ Otzi Hey Baby for - no word of a lie - about 5 years, with a big emphasis on the Oooooo Ahhhhhh so that still rings in my head quite a lot

It was hell

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Just played this and my gf just said “why does that make me think of your mum? I think I’ve heard her singing it”

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10/10 cover from the best Beatle there

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Torytelling Belle and Sebastian


Oh god I remember getting trolled with this one by my older sis because it played once an hour on Pop Tunes or whatever the channel was. I had a habit of keeping it on because it was the most dependable way to see Clint Eastwood by Gorillaz

Yeah it was definitely unavoidable for a period of time - school discos, music channels/radio, football stadiums etc

The mending song from Bagpuss

We will stickle it, every little bit of it
We will fix it like new new new

I can’t remember ever even watching Bagpuss but it pops into my head for an hour or so every other day


Pagan Poetry by Björk. Almost every morning for the last 10 years. Not doing a ‘bit’. My wife thinks I’m bonkers.

Gutted if you have Bonkers stuck in your head now

Its this song the talking Llama we got for mini at Christmas sings…

“Im a Llama im soft and cuddly and i think leaves are really lovely but what really fills me with delight is when you kiss me and hold me tight…”. Cant get it out of my head.

Ever since a very boozy long weekend in France, I’ve been waking up some mornings with this stuck in my head.

I’m unfriending the people responsible.


Even in mid-Jan :confounded:

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“I got the summertime summertime sadness s s s summertime summertime sadness” on a loop quite a lot