what song was that? feat. IvorDewdney

Hey IvorDewdney what was that song that went like:

(some kind of horn part) DAN DAN dada da DAN DAN dada da DAN DAN

and then it mellowed and there’s female vocals in a major key like der nerner neeeer neeer and then der nerner neeer neeer.

What song was that?

I think it went a bit like this

What genre please?

It’s like pop with a big sound, kinda glitzy, maybelike 00s or early 2010s?

Could it be

No but it’s almost adjacent I think.

Bit more fun bit less serious

Hmmmm. Need another clue

I don’t know any more sorry, that’s all my brain can remember. Maybe it was a group like sugababes or something idk


It’s not this, this is too futuristic

@Mert_Aksac is this subababes?

nothing that would fit the description, i don’t think…

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Did you listen to the little midi bit I made of the melody?

Yeah, can’t think what it fits with

Then the dream is dead :frowning:

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I’m so sorry.

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Is it this?

It’s not but thanks.

Think this is too modern