What song's got the best chords


people don’t really talk about chords do they

wichita lineman & autumn leaves have some great chords.

when the d/a resolves into a7sus4 and then Bbmaj7 morse code bit <<<<<<333333


Intro to this;


that’s proper lovely m8


Blitzkrieg Bop


Lover You Should Have Come Over is one big orgasm of perfect chords.


something by Joni Mitchell, I reckon. l’ll have a think about it…


I need to put my music theory hat on and figure out why this is good, chords-wise. but ooh, it is, isn’t it.


the modulation into “but when he’s gone” is just exquisite


thread mates, I’ve got a terrible secret - I’ve never deliberately listened to jeff buckley or joni mitchell.

I remember thinking he looked like a poser on the cover of his record and hallelujah was on an advert so I never bothered. I have however called him rubbish a bunch of times despite this.

my dad calls joni mitchell moany joni and I must have internalised that. sorry lads.


aww m8. you’re missing out on the most gorgeous [googles] … G#min13 chord.


you really need to resolve this irrational Joni avoidance. like Joni resolves the modulation to the key of F# by employing the Lydian mode.


I think it partly stems from my childhood fear of people with big teeth also.

blue then?


think there’s something inherently left wing about chords.


It’s definitely Riverman


Shout bootsy


don’t really know the names of more exotic chords, think I might play some weird ones because i fidgety so always adding and removing notes as a pick out chords.

always loved the chord progression of this, no idea what they all are, probably just the standard chords of a harmonic minor key

watched a video about the diminished 7th chord recently that was quite interesting, all the intervals are the same so any note can be the root note, and so there really are only three of this chord even though there are 12 scales, and because of this it can be used to do a ‘pivot’ key change to any other key


if this doesn’t melt you…

whenever i’d listen to her my dad would tell me that he saw her in the 70s and ‘her voice was weak’ :roll_eyes: dadddddd


lovely #chordfact there bud.

here’s one, wichita lineman starts with a full first position fmaj7 chord but that’s the only time during the song that he plays the root note on the tonic, giving it a feeling of spaceyness and irresolution.

should have just called this thread glen campbell is the absolute boy.


turned out it was two videos


yep. that one. big teeth and a big chord vocabulary.