What sort of establishment has the greatest volume of faeces go through it a day?

Airport followed by services I reckon.

(Just taken a shit at Newport Pagnell thread)




No logical or correct answers please.

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Villa Park


Yeah, airports would definitely kick up a number of people’s need to poo up a storm, what with the fear of flying thing. That’d definitely up the poo rate of an already busy establishment.

Theo’s local


House of Parliament Reception


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[satire intensifies]


Is this per capita or by volume?

Per floor area: Coffee shops
Total volume of turd: Airport or train station

It says volume in the title!

  • Seems about right
  • I have taken 3 or fewer shits in train stations in my life

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:smiley: just reminded me of that time BITT tried to claim we were all racist for expressing sadness at Maradonna suffering from drug addiction

Big office building.



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A given town’s largest Wetherspoons

Hospital or old people’s home, probably.

I had a magnificent poo after landing at Changi a couple of weeks ago.

I mean, I can happily shit anywhere but I know this isn’t a skill shared by all. So I reckon somewhere like that where a high number of people are arriving after a long flight and many quite likely to be trapped for a few hours waiting for a connection, coupled with it’s extreme shininess make it a good bet for Top of the Dump Trumps.