What sort of Monday did you have

  • Good Monday
  • Bad Monday
  • Okay Monday
  • Fine Monday
  • Meh Monday
  • Confusing Monday
  • Mysterious Monday
  • Sexy Monday
  • Bizarre Monday
  • Charitable Monday
  • Gluttonous Monday
  • Misc Monday

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Was a good Monday until this evening when I have dread, sadness and melancholy. Not really sure why

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Good Mon-day, bad Mon-eve?

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Been listening to The Field Mice and getting things done today.

I feel as if everything might just be alright.

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yeah alright

  • just another manic monday

Boring. But found a new park.

Oh, changed my bedsheets too so that’s upped it a notch or two.

Was hungover for most of the day but a milkshake sorted that out.

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Ngl, this thread was based around me thinking that today was called Good Monday and riffing on that

So, whole thing’s a farce


Finished work at 8.40 and spent 3hrs investigating something, then discovered the allegation was false :roll_eyes:

It was all going very well until I played football against a Roy Keane wannabe.

Sore leg and we lost


Cleared a cupboard and went to the dump. Plus b and m.

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Ate too much

Was fine, thanks for asking. Said goodbye to my brother for now, and got some real life sunshine during the day :exploding_head::exploding_head:

Also knitted a whole bunch which is always good, and made a pretty good pizza. This would on balance make for a very good day (other than seeing my brother off obvs), but there’s also just the overwhelming apathy etc that comes from a year of you know what.

Got to see my sibling socially distancedly which makes it a good Monday

And et chocolate

And saw this