What sort of music do you think DiS user 'Japes' *OR ANY OTHER DiSer* would make?



Inspired by

I’m going to say:

#thread amended - feel free to tag any DiSer and provide the music you think they’ll produce.



Death metal.


i meant the thread could be any disser in general not just me specifically. but fill your boots.


Okay, thread updated, death metal man. (You’ll note @plasticniki is with me on that?)


Shit music - all the ones that currently make music.




Can’t believe you’d call @Severed799 out like that.


is it because i’m always talking about burning down churches?


I think it’s just the beard and Dr Strangelove sunglasses making you look faintly terrifying.





@japes scottish black metal





^this this this this

Going to see them do it in Antwerp in May!!!


Won’t be the same without Freddie.


BAHAHA I know them.

(one of the guys in the pic anyway)


I’d actually forgotten how great this Drudkh album is. I think that year I picked Winterfylleth for my Top 10 over Eternal Turn of the Wheel but this was a close running.

2012 was a year I listened to a lot of excellent albums.




I’m listening now. There better be distorted bagpies.