What sort of yog are you mostly consuming these days

  • Unflavoured yog
  • Unflavoured yog, add some fruit or honey or whatever to it
  • Flavoured - big yog
  • Flavoured - small yog
  • Petit filous or equivalent
  • Muller corner or equivalent
  • Other yog
  • No yog (vegan/allergic)
  • No yog (don’t like it)

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Currently having a big pot of cherry onken

Onken set
Whatever own brand real Greek yog
plus fruit (kiwi, pear)
maybe honey

Love yog.

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Not on ghurt book

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Quite enjoying these pricks


One of the last two which I say in almost exactly the same way.

Collective natural. Add granola and grapes for breakfast. Occasionally also blueberries, raspberries or other fruit.

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What’s the pick of the big yog big hitters

  • Yeo Valley
  • Onken
  • Rachel’s

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The Collective Dairy Straight Up Greek Style Yoghurt. Add your own fruit. Tonight: apple


Collective like the Dutch says

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I said Big Hitters.

Do Onken still do the ones with grains in? They were so good


Those Skyr ones with the fruit at the bottom. Would usually be beyond my single yoghurt price point but they’re always, always on offer down at 'bo’s.


I live a yog free life now and I’ve never been happier

Only ever use it as an ingredient for curries and pitta things so unflavoured for me boss

Do a bit of cooking with yog every now and then, curries mainly. Don’t think I’ve had straight Yog since our honeymoon in aug 2019

weird how there’s so many types of what is a pretty basic thing really

Muller cherry about once every three months


does this fall under muller corner equiv? unflavoured but with fruit goop at the bottom. or does that count as a flavour?


Yeo Valley Raspberry / Peach & Apricot
Own-brand greek yog

Onken can do one - awful texture.

Yoghurt is one of my favourite foodstuffs.

I’ve tried a load of vegan ones to try and be slightly more ethical or whatever, but they are mostly awful, either just taste of coconut or there was one from M&S that tasted FIZZY. What the absolute fuck?? Yoghurt should not taste fizzy even if there’s no animal products involved. Binned it after two spoonfuls, one of the worst things I’ve ever tasted. The Alpro Soya ones are ok but…

Conclusion: I care more about scratching my yoghurt itch (not a euphemism) than being ethical. Big Onken pots all the way :sparkling_heart: