what stickers did you collect as a child?

was heavily into these WWF stickers when i was about 8, once went as far as lifting £10 of the christmas money i wasn’t supposed to touch to buy 50 packets from the local shop, my ma was delighted when she found out

don’t think i even managed to fill the sticker book


I used to quite like a panini sticker album released as a tie in with a movie release

I had ET , jungle book (would have been a rerlease) , Goonies and stuff

Never finished any of them

they’re such a bizarrely pointless concept

I had a WWF sticker book and I only had Paul Bearer (maybe half of him) left to get and I spent a ton of money trying to get it and got in trouble when my parents found out.

how much were the stickers per pack? i think the WWF one’s started out around 12p a pack but were up to about 20p a pack when i finally kicked the habit

Garbage Pail Kids


i inherited a load of these from my older sister when she got bored of them, i remember being impressed by the “edgy” images they used

I think there were some super Mario ones I used to collect. I think.

i think i might’ve had that one too actually, was it this one?


I think so!


getting heavy nostalgia looking at this now

I can’t remember much about them, but I have recollections of being Beyond Excited every time I had to go to my Dad’s office because it meant we’d go to the little corner shop next to it and buy a couple of packs

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Did you collect the little plastic toy models too? I think I had the set of ten.

I completed the Panini World Cup 2014 sticker album as an adult.

As I mentioned recently, I completed this only for my brother to later give it away. Bet I could have bought a round of avocado on toast with what it’s worth now.



are completed albums actually worth anything?

pretty sure i’ve got a load of early 90’s WWF magazines in mint condition in a cupboard at my ma’s

I used to get an album, and maybe three packs of stickers then realise that it was too expensive a habit for someone who got 20p pocket money a week.

I had this one:

and this one:

And weirdly enough, I had this one, completed, after a friend (who’s parents used to run a newsagents) brought a whole box of old stock into school:

I also colected Pro-Set cards in 1990-91:


No just the cards/stickers.

not sure. Someone was selling an incomplete one on whatever site i got that photo from for about £35.