What stuff is harder nowadays?


What stuff is harder now than it used to be?

oooooh, life is so much easier nowadays…oooooooh. Not all of it is actually, leave off.

Forgery – Like, how the hell do you forge bank notes nowadays. Seems like a massive hassle. Loads of security features, made out of plastic. Impossible.

Disappearing – Impossibleish to disappear, innit. CCTV, records from ATMs .Need new IDs if you want a #betterlifeabroad and nobody knows people that do that. Your average joe can’t disappear. Concerning.

Supermarket soft cookies – more often than not, they are not. Upsetting.

What else?



Saying you’re English and speaking your mind


Prank phone calls.


negotiating town centres in a car




listening to musical oeuvre of Stephen Patrick Morrisey


Renting/buying a house


Not harder, just different


Harder, I reckon.

If you were interested in someone in the olden days, they wouldn’t instantly be given everyone else who’s currently available and how they stack up against you.


Buying definitely. I bought my first house with 1500 quid deposit and an extra 500 for expenses


getting a job


so much easier, in terms of numerous more options to go on dates. I mean it seems awful. Like a meat market meets a 3 round job interview with 100 applicants, but hey, the options are out there*
*to be upset, overlooked and devalued


Easier to vet the candidates though


UFO hoaxes


Resetting your passwords for stuff


getting on a plane


Having an original idea


tell me about it


it’s harder these days


Do you think everything has genuinely been done or our minds are just too small to fathom new stuff and this is the attitude people have always had, even in the past when there was loads of scope for new stuff?

  • All been done
  • Small minded
  • What?

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