What sunglasses are you rocking?

I tend to just get cheap Clubmaster or Wayfarer knock offs. Might go wild this year and get something else.

What sunglasses are you rocking?

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bought some real ray bans about 5 years ago as a birthday treat and they look like this

don’t regret it tbh


Sweet frame.

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Those are really nice. I wouldn’t spend ££ on sunglasses though because of my track record for losing stuff.


I have quite a large face and wish more mens sunglasses were oversized because I end up looking like Dr Robotnik

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At Bestival once a mate lent me his sunglasses and within 10 minutes I’d dropped them down a portaloo :upside_down_face:




I’ve got some wayfarers but the arm is a bit wonky so got some persol 649

Probably wouldn’t buy again they feel kinda cheap for expensive sunnys. I’m keeping my eyes peeled for some cutler & gross m1007 on depop or ebay because otherwise they are too £££.


Just a few pairs:

Most of them are cheap pairs from market stalls. The ones on the right are ones I buy thinking they’re exactly what I want, but they always get scratched, or the plastic yellows. Bottom left are prescription. I’m got a pair of Raybans somewhere but they’re awol at the moment. They must be somewhere in the house though

Are you sure you’re not wearing them?

Bought these on sale late last year in preparation for this summer, hope I haven’t lost them in the flat somewhere

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Got these bamboo ones from Bambooka where the profits go to eye charities in Africa


Oakley Frogskins XL

6yrs old and going strong

I have 3 pairs that I wear and I love them all so much, I used to think I was too uncool for sunglasses and never wore them, was literally afraid to like someone would jump out and be like you!! you’ve got no business wearing sunglasses!! lol. Literally only started buying them in the last 5 years or so. But I love wearing them and will buy another coloured glass set this year because I love the pink ones I have


If I had sunglasses money to burn I’d buy these, they’re so so cute! But they’re like £250


:heart_eyes: so cool.


Red and white army


Like others in this thread I cannot keep hold of sunglasses, so I buy five pairs of cheap Wayfarer knockoffs around this time every year, and if I’m lucky maybe two pairs will still be in my possession by September. I then carefully stash those pairs away for winter, and never see them again.

Had these £1.50 primark specials for a couple of years now. Real fancy guy over here.

Have a pair of one euro white ones that I got in berlin a while back. But generally I stick to the £10-£30 range. Spent a bit more once and they were a big disappointment plus I don’t want to be worrying about losing them (a bit unlikely) or the bairn stretching rhe arms out (very very likely).