What sweet treat did I just get at the supermarket? ❓


Maybe there will be a prize maybe there won’t. We may never know.

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Cinnamon bun

Triple chocolate yumnut

I’ll say baklava, mostly in the hope that if there is a prize then it’ll be baklava, and then I can have baklava. Mmmmm baklava


Belgian waffle


Angel Delight

Three people have come close. Needs to be exact.

Cinnamon yumyum

Didn’t know they existed, now I need to try one.

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I don’t think they do, i was just combining two previous guesses to try and win the prize

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Cinnamon bun.

Edit: already guessed.

Jam doughnut

Had some* baklava yesterday

* lots

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Salted caramel yumnut.


Course rock salt.

I like yoghurt but don’t consider it a treat

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