What tabs do you currently have open?

  • this one
  • Board game forum thread
  • Netrunner forum thread
  • NYT article on flavour chemistry that @hip_young_gunslinger linked weeks ago and that I’ll finish reading any day now, probably
  • Review page for a Mexican, non-unionised Roomba equivalent
  • DFS page for an armchair that I’ll probably buy

If you feel excluded from this thread because you’ve got dozens of tabs open: good, you’re shit at computers

  • Work Forums
  • DiS
  • Twitter
  • Facebook
  • The Guardian
  • Personal mail
  • Joint housing mail
  • Manchester United ticketing site

All of them

Just all of them

Am I going to return and read any of them? Or close them? Fuck no

You are bad at computers and therefore should feel bad


starts at ‘work forums’ and manages to get progressively worse (bar personal mail which I’m sure is fine)

I didn’t ask for your judgement

I didn’t ask for your response

Sorry for responding in that case

  • DiS
  • Google Calendar
  • Messenger
  • Gmail
  • Few different sites for travel money

other window with work stuff

It’s not even a New York Times article!

Current Chrome window:

  • DiS
  • Gmail
  • Twitter
  • Facebook

Safari window for work stuff.

Oh Jesus. I’ve not been reading it very closely.

That is a logic gate I can accept

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  • gmail
  • work mail
  • high energy physics “new releases”
  • Article about Mike Ashley and his cronies at beIN sport
  • stackexchange
  • DiS

This and Kellen Clemens’ Wikipedia page.


Personal emails (two of them for different purposes)
Work email
Workflow list
WFMU Recent Archives

three pinned tabs for work shit
google inbox
7 tabs containing various work things
route for the very long bike ride i’m doing at the weekend
google keep


WhatsApp Web

Not really, nobody else seems to find constant references to The Donnas to be amusing, for some reason.

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