What tapes did your parents have in the car?

Did they rotate them or stick to the same ones?


Curtis Stigers first album (still know all the words to all the songs as she never swapped her tape selection in all the years I was growing up)

Sam Cooke, the hits

Erasure, probably also the hits

And some live tapes by a covers band called Question who we used to go and see pretty much every night on holiday in crappy bars around Lanzarote.


War of the Worlds, Jeff Wayne

Think everything else was on rotation (though almost certainly The Beatles). He was more willing to let me bring a tape of my own too.

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Jagged Little Pill

Simply Red, literally fucking all of them
Beautiful South, best of (not sure)
Talking Heads, Road to Nowhere
Diana Ross, Colour and the Power (?)
Fleetwood Mac, Rumours & TangoITN
Phil Collins, fucking no idea, blue cover

Mainly hymns for children


my dad, classical music. boring. my mum had some '90’s christrian rock tapes n also so elton john. tiny dancer. good tune.

Remember my dad having Rumours in the house but I went on a school trip to Fleetwood and hated it and couldn’t imagine a band with the same name would be anything other than awful so I never let him promote it to car listening. He should have overruled me on that.


My Dad bought a copy of Joe Jackson’s Jumpin’ Jive at a service station in 1986 and proceeded to play it for the next 14 years.

The only reason he stopped is because my brother managed to get Queen’s Greatest Hits II jammed in the tape player so he was stuck with that instead.


I remember a Mamas and Papas album, and something like The Very Best of The Eagles, so on balance, I’m glad he left.


Tammy Wynette
John Denver

Of course it’s down to them why I have found marriage so hard as an adult…


Dad: Led Zeppelin II, Neil Young (Harvest and After the Goldrush), The Cars, TPau.
Mam: Chaka Demus and Pliers (in fact this remains the only album she owns - now on CD - to this day)


:grinning: what a selection


I remember this fucker being on near-constantly.


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No tapes (didn’t have a tape player), just Radio 2 or Radio 4, then Radio Scotland for the fitba on Saturday afternoons. My sister and I changed it to Atlantic 252 whenever we could get away with it, as per the other thread

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Excellent kid logic tho, tbh.

When we were kids we had a Songs of the Simpsons (my poor parents) plus some tapes about history that came with magazines, can’t remember what they were called.

Later my dad would play his music which would me the Eagles, Earth Wind and Fire, 10cc etc


No pre-recorded casettes. Everything was taped from the radio. Initially it was my dad’s responsibility, until I figured out how to operate the cassette deck at home. Became really skilled at recording tracks without the DJ talking over the intro. All (Dutch) chart music, obviously.

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Bob Marley - Legend
Tinita Tikarim
Paul Young
Holst’s The Planets
Loads of musicals.


Mum had Scott Walker, Chet Baker, Neil Young, Jackson Browne. I later got her really into Beirut which was nice.

Dad had a rotation because of his massive massive collection but you could always expect Miles or Coltrane, Dexter Gordon, Bill Evans, Keith Jarrett, Anthony Braxton, Ornette Colman etc.
Obviously as a teen I’d rally against a lot of jazz so we’d do a deal where he’d get his music on the way and I’d get my music back :joy:


So there was no limit to what that might include.


Didn’t have a car. Think the only tapes my mum owned were a Duran Duran greatest hits, something by Flock of Seagulls and a Smurfs cover album.

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