What targeted articles do you get on Google?

They seem to think i’m really interested in Spanish politics, grime music, and Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain’s match fitness.

Struggling to think what i’ve searched for that would give them that impression, like.

Yes, you all use Google.

Where do you see these? Never noticed them tbh

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No indie points for that, warndog.

Mostly guitar pedals and similar stuff. Occasional holiday type things too.

Dog fights, extreme porn involving Simpsons characters, terrorism recruitment videos, and Jordan Peterson lectures.



Got one at the top of this page for the ROH’s production of The Marriage Of Figaro which I think is a shite opera, so shows what they know.

Got one at the bottom for Evans Halshaw - not sure what that is, could be into it.

Don’t know where you see these?


Oh, you mean ads rather than articles? Tiles and beds.

Just did a google search for bob jungels: got lots of results for bob jungels. Some videos about bob jungels. And ‘people also search for’ showing other pro cyclists.

Where would i see targeted articles ?

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I’ve got an ad for static caravans at the top of the page, if that’s what you mean?

On the homepage, ye fucken tefal napper.

Its blank (logo and searchbar aside)

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On the homepage: the latest news and transfer rumours regarding Liverpool FC (YNWA)

On Youtube: TED talks and Watch Jordan B Peterson calmly DESTROY these two feminists, which is disconcerting seeing as all I ever watch are techno tracks and vinyl rips of out of print disco records.

Maybe i half a virus?

Weight Loss which annoys me somewhat since I never talk about losing weight or look up ‘diet’ or low fat recipes, am in a couple of foodie groups on Facebook and a Body Positive group.
Fuck off, Noom and Hello Fresh ‘girl on a diet’, I’m trying to love myself over here.

Oh wait that’s Facebook. Not sure what ads I get on google.

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Google Assistant has gone with the 3DS, a whinge about Endgame and a YouTube video about Bojack Horseman as my top 3 this morning.

Adblock, guys. Just saying.


Guardian and Express :scream: articles about Brexit…

I’ve lost count of the number of times I’ve told them to stop showing me Mail and Express articles.