What targeted articles do you get on Google?

The Sun Strictly gossip
Road updates for the Pacific highway
NHS waiting times Daily Mail article
Washington Post article about Yosemite hiking
Sun article about fitness trackers not being trustworthy
Results from a clinical trial for colorectal cancer vaccine
Daily Star article about how Aldi is cheapest for supermarket flowers

Pretty much on trend

Kpop, pokemon, british politics, foreign weather

Does he?

@bugduv I do get targeted articles: they appear as alerts on my Android phone. They’re actually always about geeky things and often interest me. Although right now they’re all about Endgame which I’ve not seen so I’m sliding them out while trying to see zero spoilers.

I do make a regular donation and am currently neither ad free nor in the lounge :unamused:

You are now.



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I mean the targeted articles under the search, yeah, not the relentless sexist ads on the articles “YOU WOULDN’T BELIEVE WHAT SHE WORE TO THE SUPERMARKET” or “LOOK WHAT THIS FIFTY YEAR OLD CELEB STAR LOOKS LIKE NOW” (thirty years after she was twenty).

Lingerie :thinking:

100% football, though I had to stop it from showing me death notices of random people from rip.ie which really freaked me out


I make a regular donation and have no idea if this place is serving ads or not. Because the internet is unusable without adblock and whitelisting is a hassle I can’t be arsed with.

Eh? In the pull-down-from-the-top-of-the-screen-area? From what app? None for me, Clive. What a world.



From Google

On that Google Assistant thing, my top 3 are Wolves, ‘Football’ news in general and then some aviation news in Polish for reasons that will remain a mystery to me.

Fair enough.

I’ve never used the Google app and just stick to a browser instead.

It’s pretty baked into Android. I think it comes through Chrome TBH but I’m not sure.

I also get Arsenal match updates from all the times I checked if they were playing at home when I lived there.

I am slightly LOL @ you acting like it’s a revelation that social media does the stuff that you completely avoid it on account of ; )

No revelation. Just keen to know my enemy as best I can - not always easy at long range.

I think it’s quite reassuring that so much of the pushed stuff is desperately based on the merest sliver of data. I might give off the paranoid vibe but, time and again, it’s obvious how at-sea the predictions of an individual’s interests can be. YouTube is fantastically bad at it - relentlessly forcing those JRM calmly DESTROYS and Unbelievable rollercoasters vids despite being constantly ignored. Like… can you not try another more tempting tactic, YT? Is that all you’ve got? :drooling_face:

I guess I adblock those away but I like what twitter thinks I like


pretty weird that people who make websites are thought of as clever at this data stuff and thats the best they could do.

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Space X (fair enough), the weather (same), Ant McPartlin (huh?) and Scottish Independence (I blame you lot)

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