What the fuck guys?!




Not sure how this is awarded or who by. Not sure when I met @incandenza or @thewarn? (I apologise for this if it’s my error).

You zany fucker @1101010!


ha! that’s amazing. You’re a proper celeb!


I should have this badge I think. mods?


I asked for the badge, then realised that I’d actually just met meths, twice.

Please don’t take my badge away from me.


: D


I’ve met meths fucking loads of times. WHERE’S MY BADGE THEO YOU ZANY CUNT!


I have also met the requirements for this badge and would like to be updated


Pretty sure you’ve met @incandenza playing DiS football.


i have met smeether of them


yeah I assumed so, I only know about 5 people’s usernames at football.


Please disregard this testimony Theo you zany twat


Haven’t I? I thought I had


Really? idk maybe. I don’t think I’ve ever met any disers except through football, one Glasgow meat last year and Theo about 4 times for some reason.


I was the ridiculously bad one at football
Narrows it down, I know


Read down from here


I surely would’ve remembered your hair above all else. How many times/when did you play?


Like a few times in the winter of 2014/spring of 2015? My hair was less outrageous then


that was after my time, although I did play a couple of times in that rough period when visiting London so mebbes.


yeah, a few times! ffs, Smee.

(who are you, VincentAdultman? I haven’t figured it out yet…)


fuck i’m very sorry. as above I never worked out people’s usernames in the main. who the fuck are you then?