What the fuck guys?!

No Theo I’m telling you off for awarding what should be a highly esteemed badge willy nilly. Surely meths and I should get two step verification on this?

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Well it didn’t seem like you cared at all and it’s not been handed out since, AFAIK.

I am so upset you could say this. If anyone had bothered to let me know about it I would have moved mountains to be involved.


Is there anyone who hasn’t received one that should?

yeah loads of people. PLease start by stripping thewarn of his badge tho.

Already done, FFS.

still waiting on my met both plastics badge


thanks Theo. Um. VincentAdultman. um. who else survived the migration from the old boards? hoogs. loui tacceh. unicornporn. waffle. owen. some others.

oh of course I should have known that. Yes you pipped (could’ve been thrashed idk) me to the best newcomer that year. I nearly got the award by default when they couldn’t get through to you on the phone to give you the award :smiley:

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Vincent is JohnM

@JohnM is @Royter-Hatfood


Hmm that does appear to make more sense. Idfk

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mate I’ve met the entire plastic family.

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Yes, this anomaly arose because I liked to have conversations with myself on the now sadly defunct uncategorized board.


Speak to @plasticniki

when did you start playing disfootball? I played quite a few times with the original Smee.


Hi! To find out what I can do, say @discobot display help.

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Let’s not get ahead of ourselves. Dinner first.