"What the fuck is going on in here!?"

This is a thread to discuss times you’ve entered a room and either thought or actually said “What the fuck is going on in here!?”

Anecdotes about the thing that prompted the thought are very welcome but if you just want to talk about the thought/saying of the phrase itself that’s fine as well.

That thing that just happened just now?

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Opened a door at a house party once to see three separate couples copping off while a friend of mine sat on the floor in the middle of the room on his own.
Immediately backed away and closed the door


This is the sort of thing this thread is for, thank you.


He had a bong next to him, dont know if thats relevant


It adds to the picture that you painted


Do go on…

Walked in on my boss once, trousers fully down, tucking his shirt properly into his crusty y-fronts. He didn’t bat an eyelid, just casually asked ‘What’s up, mate?’.


Oh if we’re doing that I was in a house party on Saturday, opened a door to see my flatmate in a glittery purple wig putting a sausage dog in a jumper.
It’s name was Cooper.


Absolutely completely done.


Would you typically say you were “in a party” rather than “at a party” Ruffers?

Walked into a kitchen to see 7 people crowded round the microwave, wondering what would happen to the orange they’d put in there.

The answer is b) magic mushrooms

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Starbucks, Victoria Station, 10.45am, 3rd August 2015


Some parties you’re definitely more inside than others

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Can think of one where I was in a room and thought ‘if some comes in now they’ll wonder what the fuck is going on’?
Is this acceptable @anon5266188 ?

I haven’t been at a house party for a very long time, don’t think I could ever say that I’ve been in one.

If you can write it from the hypothetical point of view of someone entering the room it would be great, thanks

Any SEAT owners in there?

waiting for marriage huh

Hmm I’ll have a think for a proper one then.