What the fuck!

What the fuck!

Coogan looks thin

Happened to me too, man.

You don’t even get an alert, that’s the insulting thing.

Unbelievable isn’t it?

Scum, subhuman scum.

Nice one! Moderating is cool!

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Flagged as abusive.



Balonz posted a photo of his scrotum with “FUCK YOU” written on it and is now angry that the mods removed it.

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The photo, not his scrotum.

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it’s political correctness gone mad

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So he’s ok with that part?

Well he might have some body issues around it, I don’t know.

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This was @anon29812515’s last post.

One to add to the DiS gallery


When are you coming back m9

He’s still so angry about the censorship