What the heck does this mean in the url?


Also, why the heck is the city am not secured?

Anything puzzling you currently? Would you currently describe yourself as "puzzled" about something?

Just sticker over your webcam and never log into your online banking again and you’ll be fine.

Probably Russia.



Is it like one of their developer’s test sites rather than the actual live site? Our devs have test versions of our site they can do stuff to, but it’s on a separate server and not accessible on the wider internet.


poss, but didn’t think it’d let me access it (the reporter posted that link on tweeter)


Someone’s fucked up the load balancer config?


Even with a load balancer, if the servers themselves are exposed to the internet, then linking directly will bypass them and still work. If it was in a tweet from a reporter then probably they’ve just been an idiot.

Why a dev environment would be accessible to the public is baffling though.


If the dev shared a link to their site with the reporter and then they tweeted it?


Allow me to revise my suggestion:

Someone’s fucked up


I’ve no idea, maybe reporters have access and just tweeted out the wrong link. We have a back-end site but obv this isn’t it for them.

I have no idea tbh.


Probably a slack issue. Just slack it on the stack overflow m12.


The flux capacitor is broken


Someone essential cranked down the dial.


you can still access the website via this http://dev2.cityam.com/


Have you tried turning it off and on again?


I’d probably try the post office instead