What the hell is going on here today?

Stop closing down my innocuous threads please

They’re not innocuous. Have a think.


If you think wishing death on someone is innocuous then I think you possibly need to either look that word up in the dictionary, or, have a word with yourself.


I think it’s the moderators’ anti-Australian bias.


You’ve been attention seeking all day

Something up, m9?

Did you get her mixed up with the Conservative councillor for Dunmow who has the same name?


Never really tolerated threads that are just people being abusive like that unless, you know, it’s Bono, Tom Cruise, a Tory or someone like that: by that I mean a person where it’s clear that they cause a hyperbolic reactionary response, and so anyone reading the thread will accept this.

Having a pop at Sue Barker via the medium of a thread isn’t right. You could have just posted it as a response in the Wimbledon thread and you’d be okay but likely would have got a shed load of ‘fuck off’ in return.

Your Becker thread was just pure weird. If you meant it to be about something specific then you failed and what I was reading was in full on Nuts / Vic Reeves rubbing his thighs territory so I canned that one.


tl;dr @Gorkys_Forever?

Theo is using his big swinging dick of justice for good.


For the record, the Becker one was amusing to me because she really really looks like him.
Thats why I wrote “hmm slight resemblence” in there.

How’s that “list of cunts” thread giong? 200 replies by now?

Bin this bellend off

You also linked to an article rather than just posting the pic, hence I wasn’t 100%. I wasn’t specifically closing the thread @ you, but at what it became. I’m not sure how you expected the thread to go, mind. Maybe just a 0-reply Theo classic, no idea. I mean child looks like parent, shocker… But it went creepy it got locked.

Can’t really comment on the ‘list of cunts’ thread. These things aren’t equivalent, particularly when comparing how they exist in the implicit context of a list of topics. Do you mean this thread?

Looking through the first names appear to match up to my point above re the sort of person who you’d expect to see dealt this sort of abuse too.

I mean not really inclined to, no. I don’t recall Gorky’s being an awful user in the past etc.

While I agree with the threads being closed because of bellendry, this is a bit of a weird line of argument about who it’s OK to have a pop at. Feels a bit ‘You can call anyone a cunt if they’re actually a cunt.’


That is both true but not actually what I said, which was:

a person where it’s clear that they cause a hyperbolic reactionary response, and so anyone reading the thread will accept this

People get very angry about Bono. If someone started a thread ‘Bono can get fucked’ it’s not the same as ‘Sue Barker can get fucked’. But equally I can’t easily write you a complete set of forum rules that cover that. You and I both know those two threads are different things and, given it’s Wimbledon, there’s obviously an argument that Bono not being in the news might well mean that thread would get the chop today but I am speaking in generalities.

I don’t think people want this forum to be policed at some exceptionally rigid level where all threads are killed dead.

But all of this said, it would be nice if people were nicer. I think there’s a huge tonal difference between that Twats thread and Gorky’s Sue Barker one. I think most people on here would agree.

If they don’t I’ll happily can the old Twats thread and consider being more ruthless about these things in the future.

You’re telling us that in that thread it’s only people who invite it?

if gorkys says sorry for wishing murder on someone then that’s as far as this needs to go right?

Hmm. Still can’t get behind your reasoning for that but w/e.

note that I do think Bono can get fucked obviously.

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Good call bammers

I hereby apologise to anyone who is so po-faced they thought I actually wished murder upon a stranger.

you did though.