What the hell is going on in South Korea?


So the president is under the influence of a Rasputin-like cultist? And possibly under the spell of the cult itself? Crazy times. Would love to read some of more outlandish stuff I’m sure is being written about this:


Exactly what North/South Korea needs right now.


how long do you reckon it’ll be before North Korea start dropping heavy nuclear shit all over that neck of the woods?

  • within 5 years
  • within 20 years
  • don’t think they will ever have the capability to make a full on nuclear weapon
  • I prefer to think about Strictly Come Dancing

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Glad to see the Korean people don’t seem to appreciate this sort of shit one bit.

Compare with this country where a huge expenses scandal in the our government garners few actual scalps and generally things continue as before; rumbles that the party in power right now broke the law with their election expenses but, hey let’s not get into that; the head of state, who is funded by tax payers to ridiculous degree, is actually also the head of a made up religious cult to allow her own ancestor to preserve a patriarchal succession tradition but, you know, not that big a deal…


The current president is the daughter of a former president, who was effectively a right-wing corrupt military dictator, backed to the hilt by America.

South Korea is one of those countries where any time there is the risk of a government that isn’t right-wing establishing itself, the military and the US closes it down.


Are we talking about us or S. Korea here? /here all week.

But yeah, I mean it is fucking scary and grim to see countries in the shit like this. Sorry for my moker-like flippancy.