What thing can you say for ABSOLUTE SURE that you've never seen a picture of in a national newspaper?


I am confident in saying there has never been a picture of an anus in a national newspaper.


Horse’s penis







I know this isn’t a good reply, but I saw this and wanted an excuse to share it.


It’s exactly the sort of picture that you’d find in the Femail section under the headline ‘Will Your Child Get Along With A New Dog?’ Please take this thread seriously or leave.


Sorry, I don’t read the Daily Mail because I’m not a racist.


Prince Philip eating a peperami with John Leslie and Leslie Philips


Missed last Thursday’s Telegraph then…


doubt that. maybe not a close-up, but there will definitely have been a horse penis at one time or another.


The thread title asks what I’ve never seen a picture of in a newspaper. But if you insist: a horse’s erection.




woah woah woah (that’s French for stop a horse).

No one said erect penis!


maybe not close up, but there’s definitely been a satellite photo of Britain taken in the last 30 years


oh wait, I misunderstood.

anyway, can we stop talking about horse cocks now? just for ONCE for GODS SAKE ccb


It’s quite likely I was indoors when it was taken