What thing do you reckon you're the only person in the world who does it?


I’m not giving a personal example, but I reckon @Antpocalypsenow is the only person in the world to:


Wipes my bum


You’re probably right about this, seems to be loads of unused toilet paper about doesn’t there.


Recites my mantra to wade off the impending apocalypse


nothing, I’, very much a follower


Thought I was the only person to ever accidentally shuck the plastic filter bit of an Aeropress in the bin but no, apparently @Witches does it too now


I’ve always done it :grimacing: but normally managed to fish it out of the bin (GRIM) before it’s gone outside. and when I say fish I mean fully empty the massive bin out and found it at the bottom of the bag.


That’s a lovely use of shuck. Great verbing :+1:


Dip malted milk biscuits into taramasalata.


Still :face_vomiting::face_vomiting::face_vomiting:





Listen to psychill music without being high as a fucking kite


When I eat a crumbly cereal / granola bar:


I break the bars into three individual pieces before eating to minimise the crumbs


When I was a kid and had a Penguin bar in my lunchbox I used to smash the fuck out of it on a desk so it became like a delicious powdery mess and then just open a tiny corner of the packaging and pour the whole lot in my mouth. Don’t think anyone else has done this.


If I’m eating a cheesecake I sometimes like to mash it into a pulp before I eat it. Wouldn’t do it in front of polite company obviously.


Fucking hell.


Good eh!


when pottering about the flat i often adopt a ridiculous german accent and talk to myself, this german alter ego is called buchwald, he’s been about for years.
so while loads of folk must talk to themselves i reckon i might be the only alter ego called buchwald.


Should have called him buchfaßt


Is that like the Defoe brace chanting circle?