What things do you have in the fridge that you pick at

can you buy jalepones that aren’t like in a jar with brine? They aren’t very good

(in a normal supermarket i mean, I’m sure you can get these in like a mexican special place or something)

Big chunk of ice at the back of the fridge

Pretty Sure you can get them by the olives, in a plastic tub…never bought though as too spicy for me.

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You can get them fresh in some supermarkets. Waitrose definitely sell em and I’m sure I’ve seen them in Sainsbos and Morrisons too.

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i’d love to try a fresh jalepeno one time, I bet they are amazing

been known to sneak a teaspoon of dijon for the heat

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Fine as an ingredient in a recipe, you’re better off with a jar for snacking and sandwiches, etc though.

even when they are soggy and briney?

I’m sceptical

They’re not that bad - just let them dangle over the jar for a few seconds to let the excess drip off.

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Ewww, the fridge is where you keep things to prevent spoilage. Actually eating things at fridge temperature is well bogging. Even salads and cold meats need half-an-hour of room temperature exposure to render them edible.

(Yes I have horrendous food phobias and they’re probably the opposite to most folks’)

My mum did that compulsively when she was severely anaemic! She used to head off to work with a glass full of ice to crunch in the car.