What things do you refuse to do?

Ironing for me. I refuse to even own an iron. If I need to look especially smart I’ll go over my clothes with hair straighteners, but other than that it’s not happening. Don’t buy clothes that look like they’ll need ironing, they’re too high maintenance and not part of my team.

I also refuse to wear jeans/outside clothes/underwear in the house. People who are at home wearing proper trousers and pants are perverts. Put on some joggers, be comfy!!

Sew buttons back on. If the button wanted to fall off I have to respect its wishes and set it free.

Buy a TV. If one comes into my life organically then great. What else am I gonna do? Go into a TV shop and stare at the TVs and talk to a TV salesman about TVs as if I give a shit? Shouldn’t think so, not for me.

Your turn


DIY. Don’t spend so long slaving away down the patent mines to do half-arses home improvements myself, I want to pay someone to half-arse it instead.


Hand washing clothes
Can take its chances in the machine.


Thought you meant washing your hands then and nearly fainted :grin:

Yeah, same. Got a couple of misshapen jumpers now but we move on. Again, you need your clothes to be team players or they can GTFO. Imagine being told what to do by wool. Could never be us!


Haha, I have edited it to be clear!

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I would do anything for love
But i refuse to do that


I was about to high five you for not ironing as I refuse to as well, but then

  1. WTF
  2. You realise that is kind of ironing too?

:smiley: fair point.
But quickly going over a pencil skirt once a year is a bit different!

Same for different settings on the washing machine.

20 min quick wash for everything YOLO


Most things really


Love this, big fan.

Ooooh, does the little blouse need the little delicates setting does it? Grow up, get in the standard wash with the big dog towels.

Don’t even get me started on “separating colours”


Sheets and towels need higher though. Surely.

I’m very wide, if I wear something for an hour it straightens itself out, no ironing goes on in the Funkhouse I can assure you.


Yeah I stopped ironing work shirts and no-one has noticed. Or if they have, they’re too polite to challenge me about it.

Don’t see the point in regularly making the bed either. If someone other than myself and the wife is going to be in the bedroom (stop it, I mean it) I’ll do it but what’s the point otherwise?

I refuse to make the wrong choice in DiS polls. I just won’t do it. I always pick the right answer, out of principle


Oh I do enjoy making my bed every day tbf

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I’ve ironed so few times in my life it’s a genuine novelty when I do, it’s also one of the things I do left handed because my mind is broken.


Some of the mistreatment of clothing being admitted to in this thread is making me feel faint.

I refuse to take ferries or coaches. When I was 19 I was talked into going on a ferry for a family holiday, I hated it, as I always did, and while I was on it I reflected on the fact that I was an adult now and nobody could ever make me go on a ferry again. So I didn’t.


Each to their own but I’m a busy man, I’ve got an Internet forum to scroll through.


Use measurements for recipes. 1 1/2 teaspoons of chilli powder? Give it a few shakes, 500ml of milk? Just chuck a pint in.