What things do you regret licking/putting in your mouth?


Was just pouring some soup out and bit dribbled down the side of the tin so I instinctively licked it and then thought “oh I regret doing that actually.”


What a well-timed question kermy.

Probably this, last night.

Licked it a few times trying to identify it. I’ve doubted it’s a stone for as long as I’ve had it, a few years now, and someone said it looks like a load of dog treats melted together. Now all I see are petrified dog treats but when I bite it it feels like a stone.

Someone else told me it looked like something sandy that had formed in the mouth of a river.

Licking it has gotten me further from the truth than when I started.


:smiley: this is excellent stuff, thank you.
Sorry that your regretful lick has hindered your quest though.

Oh actually yesterday something similar, wanted to make some chamomile tea and added a bit of honey and it dribbled down the side of the boiling hot mug and I licked it and instantly regretted it




My boss who is total self-proclaimed alpha/man-spainer etc will sometimes encounter a puddle of oil, and (to prove how alpha and mad-max he is) stick a finger in, lick it then announce ‘hydraulic’ or ‘gearbox’ before literally running off spitting and crying. I love it. It is unintentionally hilarious every single time. 10/10


i regret only the licks i didn’t do when i had the chance


:smiley: wonderful, thank you for sharing

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A Nintendo Switch cartridge. They’re famously unpleasant to lick. So famous that I had to try it.

Reader, it was very unpleasant.


Does ‘putting something in your mouth’ count for this thread?

Sharp can lids.

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Yeah go on then. Pray tell, my friend!

I found a glow in the dark green guitar pick on the ground outside my house when I was about 13. Was the best pick I ever had, felt great to play with, but every so often I’d absent-mindedly put it in my mouth, forgetting where I found it.

Probably that.

Oh, and coins. God knows where they’ve been.

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I bite and chew pens and pen lids sometimes without realising. A nervous thing. Sometimes I catch myself and remember who I’ve borrowed/stolen it from and who could have touched it or had it up their bum before and it makes me a bit sick.

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:smiley: oh dear.

Not so much coins but always my debit card/ID (unless got a mask on obvs) and that’s properly minging to do innit, was before covid but more so now.

And ears!!!

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Guilty. Not a paperclip perv like @Epimer though.

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I’ll have you know I haven’t done that in YEARS

because of wfh where there are no paperclips

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Bet you can’t hear a thing.

Sort of want to do a thread on things people have gotten stuck inside themselves (noses n ears n that) but don’t think the community can be trusted not to say things about bums