What things from your body would you sell and for what price?

So I’m sat here peeling my sunburnt skin (gross, yeah, but satisfying) and I was looking at my little pile of skin and I thought “hey up, I bet someone on the internet would wanna buy that”.
Reckon one small bag, the little ones you get weed in, I could do. Fifteen quid seems fair, cause I’m quite enjoying harvesting it.

Sold a wisdom tooth once for forty quid.

Reckon toe nail clippings could get £££


Sorry everyone this thread is disgusting


I’m doing alright ta

my jizz - £40 a pop (a pop being ‘one jizz’)
toe nail clippings (full set) - 50p
small toe - £5000
hair (all of it) - £500
one lock of hair - £30
pubes - £100
poo - nearest offer
piss - £1 a gallon
scabs - please ask one of our sales representatives
pinky finger - £25000

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Jizz is very risky, a person could do a lot with jizz. Especially forty quid’s worth


Smoothies etc

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Also, without a little toe you’ll have NO balance so probably up that price a bit

You know how you get like, white wines that go with fish or whatever and reds that go with other foods etc
Funny to think that like… different jizzes for different fruits

oh yeah fair fucks

what could a person do with jizz? other than have my spawn which i doubt anyone wants to do

Science things. Experiments. Spells. Frame you for a crime. Don’t want your jizz sprayed around a crime scene. Even if the police don’t have your DNA now, you might commit a crime in the future and have it taken and then they’ll be like woah there sir, this is the same DNA we found at that other crime scene

Mine goes best with melons


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Oh he’s done it again!!
Very nice work

If I had a pound

jesus, good shout. I’m upping the price to £60 a pop.

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I’ll give you a pound. What are you selling for a pound? Eyebrow hair?

That’s a terrible deal for you, I’ve pulled most of the left one out this week.

IS IT TRUE, by the way, is it a real thing that people steal other people’s kidneys???

And while I’m here, the hair extension industry is horrible and makes me v sad to think about

For FREE?! You’re a fool!

I’m worth it

Who buys wisdom teeth for £40?