What time do you normally get your post at home? [Audit]


  • before 8am
  • 8am-10am
  • 10am-12pm
  • 12pm-2pm
  • after 2pm
  • dunno m8

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are you happy with that?

  • yep
  • no
  • not arsed

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AO post B pls post below


Remember when there used to be two deliveries a day?


nope, apart from christmas extra post


tried to open this thread and



Ours is after lunch now always

Amazing deliveries often come at nine or ten


something about postal votes/satire


anecdote: when i was a posty, if one of the regulars didn’t turn up, they wouldn’t put you on the route until 8 or 9, meaning after you’d sorted all your post it might be 11am by the time you got out, so you’d still be delivering sometimes at 2-3pm, and you’d get nothing but grief from people which made it take even longer.


Amazing?!?! Depends what you order I suppose, meant Amazon


Our post used to come at about nine, then around 10 and now comes at midday. This change has occurred in the last year. I have no knowledge of why it has happened.



Absolutely no set time.


I leave the house at 7.15 and so unless the postie arrives before then (which is only about 13/14 hours after last posting at most UK post offices) then the post might as well arrive any time.

The last time I really cared about the arrival of the post was when I was waiting for my DiS Secret Santa present to turn up.


About 10:30 am here, DGAF really.




Royal Mail:

  • Great bunch o’ lads
  • All over the shop mate, back in my day… etc
  • No strong feelings
  • drawing of a penis

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