What time do you usually have dinner (night time meal)?

  • 4-5pm
  • 5-6pm
  • 6-7pm
  • 7-8pm
  • 8-9pm
  • 9-10pm
  • Post 10pm

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is dinner teatime ? or lunchtime ? I just eat when I’m hungry. Sorry, shit answer, no doubt scotchegg will pull me up on it.


9 on gym/ 5-a-side day
7 on weekends
8 other days

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Anywhere between 4:30pm and 7pm at home, depending on who I am eating with and how hungry they are.

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I’d love to be able to get home from work, cook, eat and clean by 7.00-7.30 every evening, but it rarely happens.


When I cba

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Depends on when I’m doing gym/sport but if I had an unconflicted schedule then 6-7 would be ideal, which 5-8 being the wider window.

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Don’t really eat meals. Just graze when hungry

Gonna cook a curry in a min. Gonna put new potatoes and an egg in a jalfrezi with veg cos I’m a dickhead

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Depends on the day:

Monday - usually 5.30pm (home early so Mrs CCB can take the eldest to Brownies)
Tuesday to Thursday - between 7pm and 7.30pm
Friday - usually 7.30pm but sometimes 5.30pm if we’re eating together as a family.
Saturday - 5.30pm if we’re having food together as a family; 7.30pm if we’ve got friends over or are going out for dinner.
Sunday - we usually have main meal at lunchtime so we’ll have some toast or a toastie or some beans on toast at 7.30ish.

Tl;Dr. Between 5.30-7.30pm then.

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8.30 is about average. Toddler bedtime begins at 7 and is hopefully done by 8. Sometimes it’s quicker so I can cook earlier, but just as often we don’t end up eating till nearly 9.

Get home around 6, have a little rest then do tea for about 7-7.15 on workdays. Days off we have our main meal either at lunchtime or about 6.

Between 6 and 8, or I just miss it altogether

Generally 7:30 during the week if I’m not doing anything.

But 9 one day a week when I’m working late, and 9 again if I go to gym in the evening (twice a week).

Saturday and Sunday between 6:30 and 7:30.


Pretty much within an hour of getting in. Usually hungry when I leave work, not gonna leave it.

Girlfriend’s a snacker. Drives me mad sometimes, “oh can we eat later, I’m just having some wotsits/peanuts/whatever”. We rarely eat the same thing ffs, and my terrible diet doesn’t have room for “nibbles”.

  • generally follow the same eating schedule
  • it’s the wild west

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Post kid bedtime and pre evening work session means we tend to eat at about 7/8 depending on how organised/hungry we are.

Living in the south of Italy for a few years got me into the habit of eating stupidly late. Especially in the Summer eating anything other than maybe some fruit before 11pm just wasn’t appealing.

The habit is now engrained even though it’s obviously really unhealthy.